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Prague ZOO !

The Prague ZOO is the most visited zoo in Czech Republic. 1.3 million people visit it every year. After the flood in 2002 it turned into one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.
The area of the Prague ZOO is 60 hectares. More than 5000 animals in 650 species live in the 10 pavilions and 150 outside expositions.
The pride of the garden is the pavilion of Indonesian jungle, which is the largest expositions of animals in the Czech Republic, as well as the pavilion for gorillas, giraffes, big cats, penguins or gharials or the children’s zoo with its contact animals. If you have friends, there is no better place to trip in Prague !

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Petrin Hill !

You are fed up to the visits, but you want to overlook Prague? We put forward to walk on the Petrin hill. Lost in the woods but only from few meters of the center, this place is well known for its freshness and for its panorama. At the top, we could have a look on the Eiffel Tower, inaugurated by Eiffel before the Universal Exposition in Paris.
To climb the hill, two ways are possible, by foot or by funicular. Measured time of half an hour by foot, 7 minutes by funicular. Please, during climbing, don’t turn down. Just do it when you are at the end. A magic view is offer to you !
We think it’s one of the most beautiful views on Prague.
To rail in the show, a labyrinth is open in spring and summer at the top of the hill.

Petrin hill

Gardens !

During a beautiful afternoon, the Gardens are certainly the best way to discover the ambiance of the country. Even if Prague is famous for its parks, two mains gardens must to be see, the Castle Garden and the Senat Garden. Both are very close and also lucrative. They are situated on Malostranská. We propose you to begin by the Senat, then to visit the Castle Garden. They are open at the beginning of April till the end of September.
The Senat Garden is composed of lots of steps. On each floor, many flowers are exposed even if it’s a bit cramped.
An other place to walk is also very famous on the Capital. It named Kampa Park. Whilst it’s not a garden but a park, we wanted to share this park in the Stroll section.

Prague Gardens