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Accommodation !

Each faculty is able to put forward a student room. Sometimes on the campus, sometimes not. While you are registering on the University, you will apply for a room. Even if after you won’t go in. Whilst you apply for a room, it’s no mean you are sure to have it. Most of students are in the same case of you so everyone is applying for. One the most advantage regarding the room is the price. You need to count about 150€ by month all included. One of the most downside is that you must to share a room with someone you don’t know.
Many students choose to live in the campus for the first month and to see what happen. It’s seemed to be a good bet.
Then, if you want to live in a flat, it’s also possible. Many websites and agencies propose this kind of solution.
Have a look on the “Classified” section to recover them.

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