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Narodni National Museum !

Narodni National Museum is one of the most popular museums in Prague. You will find a very good place with lots of interactions with the public. It deals about the Czech technics progress in the field of sciences. In this museum, we touch with the hands, not just with the eyes. It composed of two floors. The first one is very interactive. You could see the different mains actors in science for the East of Europe. In the last room, it even possible to play with strategic games.
The second floor deals about the prehistory and the arms of this chapter.
Don’t be surprise if other people don’t have the same older than you. The strength, it brings together every ages.
It’s located in the center, jus at the end of the Wenceslas Square. Just have a look in the useful box on the left to see the map.

  • New Building
  • Paint
  • Room 1
  • Room 2
  • Room 3
  • Room 4
  • Room 5
  • Room 6
  • Mecano

Kafka Museum !

You are interested in the Czech Literature ? This museum is made for you. It will show you the life of the best world-recognized writer, Franz Kafka. In one of his former house, you will be plunge in a dark ambiance. His story is told in the chronology with different pictures and libellous to help the visitor to situate the artist. The best period to have a look on this museum is during the winter or the autumn. Despite the very good knowledge that we could learn, during the summer it could be dispiriting.
By the way, you could also have a look on the beautiful shop. You’ll find lots books written by Kafka and also on his life.
If you get around to visiting the place, you will see the famous statue made by Cerny, one of the well-know artists in Czech Republic. Two guys are doing their business on the Czech Republic.

Kafka museum

Kampa Museum !

Situated on the Kampa peninsula, the Kampa Museum is famous for its exhibition about the Czech modern art. Once again, before to go in, you’ll see statues from Cerny. Big babies are set up just in front of the house in which the exhibition is. Because of its localization, the museum is very attractive. Among the Vlata River and the Kampa park, you will find over there a new fresh air to have new inspiration for your works or your life !
The house is composed of three floors. On the third floor, there is a beautiful patio entire in glass. The panoramic is just incredible.
Regarding the work, a common ambiance is present in every room. You feel a strong uneasiness. Each work seems to be dark. In fact, almost each artist lived awhile during the communism.
In summer as in winter, the museum is always interesting by its localization and the artists who are set out.

Kampa museum