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Transport !

Once out from the airport, you fell the air thinking about your trip. To move in the centre fast, the best is to take 2 different buses. Both carry you to a metro stop station, Devjicka (green line) or … (orange line). The price is very cheaper. You can choose between many offers. The difference is in the duration. To give you an example, a ticket cost about 24 crowns (1€). You could buy it in the Terminal 2, where all the Schengen flights arrived. You often need to stay in line. We advice you to don’t buy a ticket in the airport but when you are in the metro station.
You must to buy it even if it’s seems easy to take the metro without a ticket. The ticket collectors are reliable and they don’t dither to check it. Moreover, the fine is expensive. The price is 32euro. It’s the price for 3 months. They point easily the foreigner …
At the beginning, you will find the Czech not really helpful and friendly. Most of them don’t speak English so it’s hard to buy a simple ticket. We counsel you to learn the basic Czech language.

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