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Phone in Czech Republic !

In Czech Republic, there are three main operators, Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile. If you are looking just for a sim card, the different between each of them is very tiny. The price is almost the same for a text message. Just to give you an idea :
- SMS : 5,50 Kc
-Minute: 2,60 Kc
Each operator offers discount. In function of your desire, you could angle your choice. Care of O2, the text message for a other O2 is free the weekend.
If you want to buy a sim card, the first time you must have at least to buy for 150 Kc. The concept is good. Even if you won’t to buy again credit, you keep your number for 6 months. So everybody could still call you or text you.
To be ready to receive company from an other country, the calling code is +420.

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