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Sport !

After a long day in the museums, why not just have one hour of sport ! In Prague, every thing is possible. Despite in Europe the popular sport is football, in Czech Republic; it’s not the same. Even if the National team is not so bad, the sport which has the higher number of sport member is the hockey. In the subway, you could see many people carry their stuffs to join theirs teams. Each tournament is a big event for the country. We could feel it in the streets just before the game. Every people are disguised with the red and blue. This sport is like a religion ! For sure, if you don’ t want to share this same sport, you could practice football or volley, or running as well.
A pretty Beach volley club is present in Prague. Not so far from the center. It’s possible to pay a member card or also just to pay a pitch for one hour.
An other sport is growing up in Czech republic, the tennis. It’s more and more famous notably owing to the good national team since about 10 years ago.
The majors tournaments in Prague take place in O2 Arena.
So if you’re a strong sportsman, don’t be afraid, Czech Republic is made for you !

And for people who love sport but hate to practise, many events are organised; usually for free. For example, the Championship beach volley tournament is organised in May. The competition runs for one week with the best players in the world.

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